Since all of my saddles are hand made to the customer's specifications, prices will vary.

Please give me a call for a quote.

This saddle was recently completed.

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Full Tooled Oak Leaf
3/4 Tooled Oak Leaf

1/2 Tooled Oak Leaf
1/4 Tooled Oak Leaf
Full Tooled Poinsettia
3/4 Tooled Poinsettia

1/2 Tooled Poinsettia

1/4 Tooled Poinsettia

Full Basket Stamp
1/2 Basket Stamp
1/4 Basket Stamp

Full Rough Out

3/4 Sheridan Flower
Trophy Saddle

Choose your stamp design from the following choices:

Oak Leaf Poinsettia Flower
Sheridan Flower Basket Stamp


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